And you, practicing your oboe on 287 (truth!), have you ever thought about what happens if you have an accident with an oboe in your mouth, and the airbag goes off? I didn’t think so…..

I read it here.

I would prefer not to believe this, but I’ve been told by someone (a proud family member, in fact) that an oboist really did practice on his way to an audition.

Please don’t do this. I have family on the road. You have family on the road. We prefer to live.


  1. Hmmm – I have stuck a reed in my mouth and practiced double and triple tonguing. But that doesn’t really count now, does it?

  2. Oh man … can you teach me how to double tongue, please?!

    I don’t think that counts. Of course if you were hit hard it might hurt, though!

  3. My professor does that too- tonguing and pitch bending and such. We live for the day we end up driving next to him.