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I simply can’t believe my ears as I watch these two play. I’m just stunned:

Okay, did that just blow you away? Now watch & listen to this:

(Thanks to Tony Clements for posting the first one on Facebook!)

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There’s an article about tomorrow’s concert in the Santa Cruz sentinel. Nice. I didn’t get my usual google alert because they left out the “Emerson” in my name. Oh well. I’m sure they have limited space for these things. I really like to keep the Emerson part of my name because I did begin as an Emerson and I think my parents deserve a little credit now and then, you know?

Of course if I get a bad review they get to share in the bad credit, too. (Sorry, Mom!)

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I know some of my students read this. So those ones are already “in the know” when it comes to my fears and foibles. But not all students read this. And I frequently wonder, “how much should I expose about who I am?”

Do I tell them I still find performance stressful and scary some of the time? Do I tell them that I fear failure almost daily? Do I admit that I’m not a great reed maker and that I struggle with that? (Well, okay, everyone knows about me and reeds!) Do I tell them that sometimes I want to run off a stage screaming, “I can’t take it any more?!”

Naw. I guess not. I guess it’s best to keep them thinking I’m a confident oboist who doesn’t worry much.

Of course if they listen to what I say during lessons they’ve probably figured much of this out!

But I also try to make it clear that I absolutely love this crazy business. I love being able to make music and to move listeners (and sometimes even colleagues). I love baring my soul … at least that’s how it feels at times. Music brings me tons of stress, it’s true, but it also brings joy and great rewards. I can’t imagine doing anything else.

And now here’s a little oboe playing (not by yours truly) for your enjoyment:

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I have just been woken by the jaunty warblings of an oboe lesson next door. Wish I was still asleep……