30. May 2009 · 8 comments · Categories: Reviews

When I see names of friends and colleagues in reviews it’s fun to paste them here for all to see. When it’s from an opera review it’s even more fun, since the orchestra doesn’t always get a mention for opera. Congrats, friends!

Concertmaster Tina Anderson, cellists Janet Witharm and Dahna Rudin, Peter Lemberg on oboe/English horn, clarinetists Bruce Foster and Susan Macy have earned special mention.

I read it here. 🙂


  1. Interesting – we just went to a Gala last night that benefited West Bay Opera (also Ragazzi Boys Chorus and Peninsula Youth Theater) There was some talented singing by all three groups (they were part of the entertainment).

    Unfortunately they only used recorded instrumentals, but given the space limitations (and the extra expense) I can see why.

  2. “may have earned”

    Does that sound strange to anybody besides me?

  3. I don’t see the “may” there …? Are your eyes turning Sue’s last name into “may”, mayhaps? 🙂

  4. It’s so hard to mention everyone in reviews. People who are quickly skimming to see if a show is good or not doesn’t want to be buried in names, and yet it’s good for the people who google themselves (I think there are a lot of those people than we think!). And you always fear leaving people out!

    It must be nice to see your colleagues’ names though.

  5. The instrumentalists rarely get into opera or ballet reviews, for sure. It’s silly to really care all that much, but I use them when I have to submit my little pile ‘o stuff to UCSC in order to make them think I’m worth hanging on to. I never take not mention as an insult, though.

    No mention in a symphony review if one has a huge solo, though, says a LOT! To me it means it must have been bad enough that the reviewer didn’t even want to go there.

    I’m such an optimist, yes?

  6. Wow, I can’t believe I misread so many times over. Then again maybe I can, with my middle-aged brain. And it’s not even trademarked like Patty’s…sigh.

    Sorry to be so oblivious!

  7. Actually, Patty, no mention in a symphony review if one has a huge solo only means “it must have been bad enough” etc., if it was YOU playing, isn’t that pretty much what you’ve told me? 😉

  8. Yes, dk … because it IS all about me! 🙂

    And I think it’s cool that you misread that because it makes me feel just a wee bit better about all of my typos. So thank you! I know you were just doing that for ME.

    Because, again, it is all about ME! 😉