Bob Ward, principal horn of San Francisco Symphony, answers a question about auditions at the symphony’s social network site.

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I think it would have been more fun to hear about his very long audition process.

Ah, auditions. I am quite behind in keeping those up to date here. This week I’m hoping to be able to catch up on the list. In the following weeks I definitely need to go through all my lists of oboe and bassoon players and make all the necessary changes. I have considered retiring those pages, as the work is awfully time consuming, but I’ll see if I can deal with it soon and if it’s not as difficult as I fear I’ll go ahead and keep ’em up; I think some people enjoy those lists. In case you haven’t viewed them, here they are:


  1. Posting these videos on the SFS site is a great idea.

    However, I wish that this particular presentation with Bob Ward were a bit more prepared. He says “uh…” and “ummm…” a lot and often ends his sentences with that California inflection turning everything into a question? You know?

    It must be very challenging to be on camera. I wouldn’t want to be the one on the spot, so I suppose that I should not quibble. I think the presentation could have been more concise, and therefore more information could have been shared.

  2. Oh I think they want it to be more natural and spontaneous. I have a feeling that the social network site is supposed to be a barrier remover. So I’m not sure they really care to have the video look professional.

    I’m really not bothered by that aspect.

    I did think, though, that that particular question was a bit funny considering Bob’s history with the whole audition thing. I think he could have talked about all those auditions!