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keeps getting oboe & cello mixed up…quite humiliating 😛

Modern Oboes

Today, the demanding, hard-partying life of an oboe player is not for everyone. Potential oboe players should think long and hard about playing this instrument, especially girls, even though it is now quite socially acceptable for women to play the oboe (as long as it is not their primary source of income). Not everyone wants to put up with the extra mail, telephone calls, and daily interruptions from fanatical oboe fans and jealous bassoon players.

I can’t tell you how true this is. I’ve finally had to hire a secretary to answer my phone.

I read it at the uncyclopedia here.

Be sure and read about the “infamous oboe reed”.

Duh, of course we blame the reed. Because it’s always the reed’s fault. Really.

… to want to own oboe headphones just because they are called “oboe”?

You’d never see an oboe onstage at a rock concert, because they just aren’t that cool. So, are the WeSC Oboe Headphones a paradox? These phones are not only supreme in their audio quality, they also tip the scales of cool straight over. Maybe WeSC are trying to bring back the oboe, or maybe they just really love Peter & The Wolf, but one thing is clear: 30mm drivers and a lightweight, comfortable design will make any instrument sound a little bit cooler.

Not only that, but I went to the WeSC headphone page (what the heck does “We are the Superlative Conspiracy mean anyway?) and I see these are unisex headphones. And how often can you find that sort of thing, huh? I mean … HUH?!

(Yeah, I blogged about this before. But it was just time to do it again. You can deal, right?)

I don’t really care to own oboe shoes though. No matter their name. They just aren’t “me”.

And no way would you catch me in this oboe butterfly cocktail dress or an oboe bubble cocktail dress. I don’t drink cocktails, after all.