02. June 2009 · 3 comments · Categories: Ramble

Recently I read a couple of things online that, should these things get into the wrong hands, could really hurt the writer. I continue to be astounded at what freelance musicians will put online. If you bash a group or individual player, or if you bash a conductor, you are taking a chance I wouldn’t recommend taking. You might think only your friends read your words, but things happen. Friends can get angry and do something cruel. Someone might cut and paste your words elsewhere, giving you credit for the words. There are so many ways words can come back to haunt a person. (And you anonymous bloggers? I’ve figured out the ones I read rather quickly. It just takes one angry reader who figures you out too; it could all cause things to come tumbling down for you.)

Believe me, I have had times when I’ve wanted to bash someone. If I feel I’ve been mistreated, or if I have had to deal with someone completely incompetent, it can be so tempting to post something here, or on Facebook or twitter, just to vent.

But it’s just not smart to go there. Maybe it’s all about self-preservation. Dunno. I hope it’s also about kindness and not needing to take revenge, taking the higher road … that sort of noble stuff. But yeah, most likely it’s all about me and self-preservation and all that jazz.

Anyway … c’mon bloggers and “facebookers” and you tweeters out there; use your noggins! 🙂

02. June 2009 · 6 comments · Categories: TQOD

wondering if the oboe could be easily converted to a shoulder mounted weapon…