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Gee, I haven’t posted anything here but a TQOD today. So sorry! Did ya miss me?

This morning was my second to last UCSC morning for the year. The final day has been moved to this coming Monday since finals week doesn’t include a Friday meeting. The three oboists I have this quarter are meeting together to do trios, which should be a blast. I’ll bring the donuts. For after the class, obviously. I’ll also be giving at least one of them an abbreviated lesson to make up for one missed due to illness. I’m just that nice. (And that’s the extent of my niceness.)

After teaching — and enjoying each of the students, I might add — I met with Jameson for lunch at Erik’s Deli Cafe. Ah, tomato bisque and green salad, how I love thee!

And now? Well, I’m back at The Abbey after quite a long hiatus. It’s as calming as ever. Once Jameson is done with his class we pick up his bike and laundry (always laundry to be done on weekends!), head home, and I get home with enough time to grab dinner and get to the dress rehearsal of Symphony Silicon Valley.

I left home at 8:30 this morning. I’ll be back home at about 10:45 tonight. Many of my colleagues have much longer drives and days, so I consider this schedule to be bearable.

But I’ll probably still whine. 😉

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If I had known what they sound like when I was 9, I would have taken oboe lessons, then moved over to English horn when my hands got bigger.