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“For the first time in my life, there I was, this whole country and just me,” Wu said Sunday. “I have no relatives here. I used to have a boyfriend, but now I don’t. Nobody is checking on me anymore. I had nothing to grab onto. It felt like a free fall.

“I can’t forget that moment,” she said. “I’m just crossing a street. I’m at a red light in New York, and I thought, ‘If I walk now and am hit by a car, how long would it take for my parents to know? Three days?’?”


I read some of these stories and am thankful I haven’t had the kind of lonely life some of these players appear to have. Is it all worth it? I suppose so. But I do love my family and friends, and I’m doubtful I could handle the sort of life these young players have lead.

I still don’t see her final recital clip at YouTube. I’ll update this if I find it.

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