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Bozhanov, who has studied music in Germany for eight years, is not fond of questions. Until he became a finalist, he put off reporters with a brisk “Not now, not now.” And this week, even when he agreed to an interview, he refused to give revealing answers.

Bozhanov, on how he prepares for a competition: “You know, I don’t like to tell about music. It’s a big experience; it’s not to explain with words. It’s impossible to tell you.”

On why he entered the Cliburn: “Don’t ask me about the competition. I’m here because I’m here, you know? I’m here to make music. I love to make music. For the competition, I’m just here.”

On the pressures of performing for a jury: “I don’t like this question.”

On whether it felt natural the first time he played the piano: “I don’t like this question.”

On his other interests: “I don’t have time for nothing, all the time piano playing, so if you’re asking me, I don’t have any hobbies, no.”


Um … what can one say?

A Selection from his Final Recital:

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