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I finished up the quarter at UCSC this morning. Beethoven trios were played. It was so much fun to hear the students playing together. Then we ended with donuts. Good way to end, don’tcha think? 🙂

I had three students this afternoon as well, so it was an enjoyable day of teaching. And I mean that (finding out that someone thought the quote below was from me I thought I’d better make that clear!). I’m more exhausted not teaching — especially when I am bored — than I am teaching the majority of the time. Really.

This week is also the return of San Francisco Opera performances for us. We have three operas coming up: Tosca, La Traviata, and Porgy & Bess. We also have one more Giant’s game to go to … fun times!

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3hrs of oboe lessons with kids that haven’t practiced=special dimension of HELL. Kill me now!

(Please know this is NOT a quote by me! This is a “Twitter Quote of the Day”. I actually love to teach, and usually find my students energize me. Really.)