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I’m amazed by opera singers. They have to do an awful lot at once. I play one note at a time. With music in front of me. And I don’t walk around, fall, or die while I play. (Well, not yet anyway!)

Opera singers have a difficult job. They have to remember the words and the music and the timing, where you go onstage and what’s happening with the costume. They have to be watching the conductor. They have to be giving everything to the audience. There are all these cognitive functions going on and when something goes out of whack, the words and the timing are the first things to go.

The conductor can’t say anything audible (to the singer) because the conductor is 30 feet away. But the prompter is right there. So if they’re singing and you forgot a word, they look right down at the prompter. They see me, center stage in the footlights, and help is there. It’s a very quick communication.

RTWT. It’s a fun little read.

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Duet for Oboe & Bassoon, Saxton Rose (bassoon) and Carla Parodi (oboe):

Movement 1:

Movement 2:

Movement 3:

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Probably something Robertson Davies would not call “sweeter”. (See MQOD below this entry) Ya think?

Chris Howard, Clarinet
Liz Jackson, Flute
Carla Parodi, Oboe
Stevi Rehncy, Bassoon

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Music is like wine, the less you know about it, the sweeter you like it.

-Robertson Davies

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… whatever “normal” means, that is!

I woke up feeling much better. Whew! Food still tastes so-so, but at least it’s not like yesterday. I can move around without aching. And I can tell that today will be a much better day.

As to actual “normal” … I think I’m having to learn a new normal, considering my hearing. Since getting food poisoning my ear is misbehaving a bit more. I’m not sure what’s up with that, but the ringing is louder. At one point I had a big “uh-oh!” when I thought my right ear was starting to misbehave, but I think I was imagining that. Hope so.

Today I get to pick up my musician’s earplugs. Just in time for no work, wouldn’t you know? But at least I’ll have ’em when the next gig comes along!

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I started with the oboe but my front teeth are too big (imagine rabbit impression) and I kept smashing the reeds – v expensive