12. June 2009 · 2 comments · Categories: Links

“The moral to this story is don’t mess with the marching band girls, or you just might get what you deserve,” said Los Angeles County sheriff’s Deputy Michael Rust.

He said two men approached the girl from behind, grabbed her coat and demanded money. Deputies searched near Quartz Hill High School for the muggers, looking for a man who was holding his bloodied nose and the other limping.

No arrests have been made, but Rust said it appears the girl made her point to her assailants.


I’m rather bothered by the “no arrests were made” part. Say what!? Shouldn’t they have been arrested, even if “the girl made her point”?


  1. My impression when I first read this (via a different blog) was that they hadn’t been found – they should certainly have been arrested, and I believe they would’ve been (but they were highly motivated to hide from the authorities – possibly more so than if they’d been successful).

  2. AH … that would make sense then. I thought they were saying they were found! I was mystified by the non-arrest.

    But then I’m often mystified. It seems to be my usual state.