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When I was young, we went to church both in the morning at in the evening. I remember those evenings fondly. My father sometimes lead the hymn singing. He also did a bit of talking and educating between those hymns. Wonderful memories! So here is a bit of Sunday Evening Music for you. (This one if from a Mennonite school.)

For so many, hymns are completely foreign. For me they are a comfort, and they feel like “home”.

Deep Waters

I’m all for Tweeting and spreading the word, but not during performances. Between pieces, maybe, if you can stop when the music starts up again; while standing in line for the restroom, definitely; at intermission or on the train afterwards, definitely. The problem is that acoustic performers rely on the audience’s attention and focus and can tell when the audience isn’t mentally present. Your listening is part of our interpretive process. If you’re not really listening, we’re not getting the feedback of energy from the hall, and then we might as well be practicing for a bunch of people peering in the window. It’s just not as interesting when the cycle of interpretation is broken.

-Hilary Hahn

Please read the blog entry that includes these words from Hilary Hahn. You will note, too, that David Lang doesn’t agree with her.

I know that many will disagree, and I’ve recently read a lot of tweets from people while they are at a concert. It does sometimes depend upon the type of concert, but really, when I’m working incredibly hard trying to move you I’m a bit dismayed to know that what we are doing on stage isn’t really the focus after all. It feels weird. Maybe I’m too sensitive. Maybe I’m too self-centered too. Dunno!

But tell ya what … when I’m performing I won’t blog or tweet or even read a magazine or book if you won’t. Deal?

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Morten Lauridsen: O Magnum Mysterium