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Halftime report during Game 5:

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I just located some oboe recital videos and was surprised to find a name I recognize! While we’ve never met, I have visited Victoria Sabonjohn’s blog, and so I feel as if I know her a wee bit at least.

Dr. Ann Adams and Victoria Sabonjohn. Music by Gilles Silvestrini. Performed at Stetson University, DeLand FL. :

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So, we took our stupid final while he played his stupid classical music. He ALWAYS does this during tests, and calls it “Music to fail with”. If I failed that final, I BLAME HIS STUPID CLASSICAL MUSIC.

And reading the student’s blog, she’s a flute and oboe player. She also wrote about her failed algebra class:

It doesn’t help that my math class was the first thing in the morning and I stumbled in there half sleepy and drunk and was tardy most of the time. Thanks, scheduling lady for doing that. Thanks a lot.

So yes, well, may I once again remind folks that anything you write on your little blogs can be found. And if you put your name at your blog, as this student did, and someone not-so-nice comes along, you might end up in a wee bit ‘o trouble.

Discretion. It’s a good thing.

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Weird dream: I dreamed of Candice killing T-800’s with an oboe in the Middle Earth!!!