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I will just say one quick thing today. I’ll blog more later … probably sometime next week. But here you go:

A youth orchestra should consist of youths.

Really. And that’s all I’ll write for now.

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We have become a non-singing people, and something has gone out of our lives that was once very significant.

-Robertson Davies

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… how ’bout some Telemann? I absolutely love playing Telemann; I think he sits well with our contemporary oboe fingerings. Enjoy!

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The otologist emailed me last night. I was at AT&T ballpark, and yet there I was checking email! Ah, technology! I also sent emails, tweeted, and checked Facebook. Pretty darn pathetic and, to be honest, it takes away from the game experience. I think I’ll attempt to leave my iPod Touch home next time. (Fat chance.)

But the results are in. According to her, and she read the results herself, my MRI is “normal”. Hah! Me? Normal? That’s questionable, don’t you think?

Anyway, since I wasn’t the least bit worried — unless there was some little thing in the back of my mind that I was ignoring, which I can mange to do at times — it didn’t really change anything.

Except … well … it means “there’s nothing to be done right now but be patient and wait,” and so that’s what I’m going to do. And I’m going to try very hard not to whine. Anyone who reads this may call me on that if I fail! Really.

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“Clearly you are a sadist, you play the oboe”

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I have to compare two types of classical music, from different era’s. This can be romantic, bourlesque or any other type of music.