20. June 2009 · 2 comments · Categories: Videos

Not much time to blog right now, so I’ll probably lose the readership I had. But there ya go. I can’t blog if I’m busy with family stuff, right? I’ll be back in sort of full swing on Monday, I hope.

Meanwhile … you can always watch and listen to this:

Or if you want something a little more classical, there are these:

(I’d prefer sitting down for the Mozart, but then I prefer to sit down for everything!)

Now please do return next week. I’ll be sad if you all leave me. 🙁


  1. marionharrington

    I’ll still be here Patty…….cold comfort for you I know. Let’s try and rally the fans. Global shouts and screams for OboeInsight – WHOOOOO!!!

  2. Thanks, Marion! I haven’t been able to get to the computer much while on this little trip. Tomorrow life gets back to normal.

    Whatever that means! 😉