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… and who knew that the internet thought at all?

But here you go:

Negative: 11.8% 85 results
Positive: 88.1% 634 results
Don’t Care: 0.1% 1 results

I’m gonna have to search for that one who doesn’t care. 😉

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Although I quickly found classical music boring and the violin passé, I enjoyed learning about things like sharps and flats and quarter notes. And listening to the classical music we performed and the records our music teacher played helped me form, by the end of sixth grade, a theory of musical history that spanned the ages. It went something like this: Until rock ‘n’ roll came around, people all over the planet labored to create good music, and while all of them failed to produce anything exciting, credit should be given to all the musicians who preceded rock ‘n’ roll. After all, they made sure that music continued to exist until, finally, in the late ’60s, immortal musical icons like the Rolling Stones and Jimi Hendrix delivered full-scale sonic annihilation, which was the apex of civilization. I didn’t have the vocabulary to articulate it quite like that, but basically that was what I thought.

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2nd Thought of Day: “I once really admired the oboe, now I realize just how much it sounds like my most hated instrument – the saxaphone..”

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I know, I know, I harp on this a lot, but today I’ll go into a bit more detail about one thing that has been bothering me for a time.

The D.C. Department of Employment Services fired a contractor who was working with youths in the city’s summer jobs program after officials became aware of messages on his Twitter site that Anacostia is “ghetto” and that he was loafing at work.

Once again, it’s good to be reminded that what you write can be held against you. I read it here.

In addition, pictures can be held against you. I ran across some images of a youth symphony conductor holding up a Playboy magazine. Now what he does on his own time is his business, but this was on his Facebook page, and I could see that a number of the youth symphony members were his “friends”. Whether or not you agree that Playboy is trash, this shows a lack of discernment that I find troubling in a leader of youth. But then he also says his favorite activity is smoking, and I see pictures of youth symphony members smoking with him. This just seems in poor taste to me. (I will no longer recommend that youth symphony.) I know I’m more uptight than many, but still … don’t you want a youth symphony conductor to take care in what he exhibits publicly?

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We are home. I really enjoyed Traviata. I had a few minor quibbles, but I don’t write about quibbles other than to say I had ’em. Mostly because I like the word “quibbles”.

There was a wonderful solo by clarinetist Jerry Simas. I must say that his playing this year has been superb. I’m sorry I missed the Opera San José Carmen performances on which he was subbing, as I would have loved to have complimented him on the San Francisco Opera performances I have heard this year. The banda sounded great too (Hi Janet!). (I wish Opera San José could use a banda more frequently, but I’m sure it’s about the cost.) And Netrebko? That woman’s voice can fill a hall. But the interesting thing is that even when she sings piano she fills the hall. I’m not sure how she does that. I saw a review that was incredibly harsh about her, but I loved what she did, and I think her voice sounds great. I thought the other singers were wonderful as well. I love the timbre of Dwayne Croft’s voice (he was Germont), and Charles Castronovo (Alfredo) especially moved me toward the end, when he sings (“Parigi, o cara, noi lasceremo”) to Violetta as she rests her head in his lap; he sang the beginning of that as a tender lullaby. Or at least that’s how it worked for me.

It was a lovely end of a season for us. I now look forward to next year!