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How Are Classical Musical And Rock & Roll Music Alike?

They are formed from the same three ingedients:
Rhythm, Melody, Harmony.
Add timbe (tonal quality) to that. It is in tonal quality that they are the most different. Classical music strives for purity in tonal quality, whereas rock used a distorted (distortion, overdrive, etc) tonal pallet.

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Classical music is so very hott!
Speaking of which, I cannot wait to get the air conditioner moving. I think its broken.

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David Weiss is the former principal oboist of the LA Phil. He continues to play oboe, as you will see by the video at the bottom of this blog entry. But he is also known for his saw playing.

Hmmm. We are often sharp on oboe. He’s always sharp on the saw. See how awfully witty I can be?! Okay, don’t answer that. But just think, one doesn’t have to worry a bit about reeds with a saw. I wonder if you still have to worry about cutting yourself …?

David Weiss on saw:

Here’s Mr. Weiss playing oboe:

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Mr. Charnley will be retiring from the Boston Pops Esplanade Orchestra after their July 4 concert. Note the dog singing along; it seems as if the dog doesn’t like oboe, but what do I know?

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No, you can’t copy my CDs.

There, I’ve said it. I’ve tried to avoid the issue, tried to change the subject. I’ve made up too many excuses. But at this point I’m tired of being asked.

I hate to be a curmudgeon, hate to be uncool. I understand you’re broke. (So am I.) I know that I’ll still have my CDs, just as good as they were before, after you copy them.

I read it here.

I do think that things will change eventually, but while it is still against the law, and still stealing, I appreciate this person’s answer.

The same thing goes, in my world, with sheet music. I will not allow students to copy music. That’s called stealing too. Whether you agree with the law or not, I won’t be one to help you break it.

Why is it that some laws are “optional” to so many? I notice California’s cell phone law (hands free in a car) isn’t followed by everyone. And cigarette smokers seem to think “don’t litter” doesn’t apply to cigarette butts.

Yeah, I’m annoying this way.

Other ways too.