29. June 2009 · Comments Off on Extroverted? Not I! · Categories: Ramble

I’m watching The Singing Life on PBS. Something one of the men from Chanticleer just said doesn’t connect with this instrumentalist at all. He said “We’re all extroverted people,” and went on to say that they are that way on the stage and after with people and that that’s what makes them singers and musicians.

I wonder if that’s a difference between singers and instrumentalists, or if it’s just some singers who feel this way. I do know that when I was in school the singers were the noisy people. And huggy too. We used to call them “mouth majors” which I’m sure wasn’t appreciated by them! But it is true that singers tend to be noisier than instrumentalists if I am speaking generally. Is it that much of a surprise? They emote via their mouths. I emote via my oboe.

I’m guessing I’m generalizing too much. But whatever.

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