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“I wanted players to feel a sense of quality. I strove to write music that was very melodic and in-depth but the music provided by DirectSong’s relationship with Naxos Records ensured that some of the greatest (classical music) composers of all time were represented in the game. The one thing about classical music is that most people take it for granted without really fully appreciating how amazing it really is. Not everything sounds like a prissy harpsichord or big tympani,” Soule explained. “The range of some of the music in zOMG! is quite unsurpassed and quite entertaining. Walt Disney built his company on Classical music and my approach to Gaia has been very similar. We hope that over time, players will gain a real ear for knowing the difference between Debussy and Mozart.”

Okay, I know zOMG! is a game, but that’s it. I skimmed (being a skimmer) the article and realized what some might feel like when they are reading about music; some game stuff is like a foreign language to me. I don’t really “get” the whole gaming thing. Maybe they don’t get the oboe thing, though.

… and who knew a harpsichord sounded prissy?

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I’ve been feeling like the oboe solo from the 2nd mvmt of Dvorak’s 9th this whole week.

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This is extremely fun and very clever. Many thanks to The Omniscient Mussel for putting this up at her site.

The video is by Eleanor Stewart. Many more thanks for her creativity!

Hoedown from Rodeo from Eleanor Stewart on Vimeo.