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baseball …? Or a baseball bat violin, anyway.

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According to www.suite101.com’s Jennifer Copley, “Austrian scientists have found that cats appear to prefer instruments such as the oboe and deep bass, as well as male voice choirs.”

I read it here, and I’m really puzzled about the oboe connection. If cats prefer “deep tones to high-pitched notes” how the heck does oboe belong there?

But whatever. It’s always nice to be liked. Even by the animals.

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… at first I thought the guy was naked. (Yeah, I have blurry eyes this morning.)

Happy 4th!

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You can start the celebration nice and early. Ready? Set? Go!

… with the Muppets

… with fireworks

In New York …

or in Disneyland …

or in Washington, D.C. with a live symphony orchestra (an orchestra sounds so much better when they don’t use a dead orchestra)