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When I was a kid I really loved the movie Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. I’ve not seen it since, but I’m guessing I’d not be as thrilled with it. That’s kind of the way it goes isn’t it? CCBB starred Dick Van Dyke, and I always loved him. So when I landed at the video below I had to “bless” all of you with it. That song is one that can really get stuck in one’s head. Funny thing: I thought the lyrics were “Our fine four feathered friend” (regarding the car) when I was a kid! (It’s really “four fendered friend”. Duh.) When Van Dyke sings “chitty chitty” sometimes it comes across as another “itty” word. At least to my ears. I’m guessing it’s easy to fall into that!

Van Dyke is 84 now. Looks like he’s doing pretty well!

I loved The Dick Van Dyke show when I was a kid. And at the end of the following video you get some of his fun dancing:

Okay. Enough fun for today. I think I’ll take a nap. 😉

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