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After my BQOD yesterday I received a number of responses on both Facebook and here. Tim pointed me to the wikipedia entry Oboes in popular music. Who knew? I did know there were oboes in some popular music &mdash the “who knew?” is for the wiki entry. It must have been put together by an oboe player, don’tya think? There are, from what I read, even oboes in rock music. Go figure.

Get this:

Jarlaath, the vocalist of the French gothic metal band Penumbra, plays the oboe in a number of the band’s songs, as does Robbie J. de Klerk, the vocalist of the Dutch melodic doom/death metal band Another Messiah. In America, a band called Hoboe defines itself as a rock band showcasing amplified oboe, fronted by oboist Zen Ben.

The first entry on the wiki page was for Marianne Faithful singing “As Tears Go By”. I loved that song when I was younger. So depressing. Just what a teenage girl loves, you know?

… and that’s oboe? I wouldn’t have known if someone hadn’t told me!

And Marianne Faithful is still singing. I didn’t know until today. I’ve not reached the oboe playing yet, but an oboe is played somewhere in this video, and I’ll bet I can guess the tune. (Yep. 79 minutes in. I’ll let others comment on what they hear.)

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