How does rhythm ‘work’ when there is no obvious pulse, as in much classical music?


  1. Okay, wait – am I the only one doing the head-tilt-with-quizzical-look at this point? Maybe even with a Tim-Allenesque “what-the” grunt?

    Is this the result of letting people have audio systems in their vehicles that make at least 10 cars in any direction vibrate at traffic lights?

    Perhaps someone should direct this person to something like Smetana’s Moldau? Or is subtlety just not something that’s done anymore? What about Ravel’s Bolero – would that be considered by anyone to have a “pulse,” maybe (leaving aside cheesy ’70s movies)?

  2. Dan immediately started making those loud percussive noises we hear from the cars that make me wish I believed in shooting out tires when I’m angry. So yeah, I guess he thought the way you did about those vehicles, Tim.