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It’s very hot here today. So hot (102 is what our car said, 99 is what wunderground.com reported) that Dan suggested I see if there was some kind of air conditioner that I could buy for the studio. Alas, what I saw was too large and nearly $600. So we opted instead for a new fan that I think did really help during the one afternoon lesson I taught. I wish it could be a bit quieter, but I guess a fan is a fan, yes? They tend to make noise as they move the air around.

Meanwhile most students are canceling these days. Ah well. It’s summer. They have places to go and things to do. But our only income during summer is my teaching income (Dan has his “3 month vacation” as he calls it; ah, the life of a college instructor!), so when they cancel I do get a bit anxious. Especially this year, when we didn’t set aside much money due to unavoidable expenses. (Although I totally understand when students cancel in this weather —it’s just so darn hot — so I’m not pressuring those of you who read this. Honest!) I’m definitely (please note: there is no A in the word “definite”! [smile]) looking forward to the Merola opera I get to play (Cosi fan tutte) as it will aid in our summer income. That doesn’t begin until July 29, so meanwhile I am working on being careful about money. As much as going out tonight would have been nice, due to the heat, I actually cooked.

But of course as I write that I have to laugh at myself; I purchased new family room furniture on Saturday! That money, though, was from my personal “fun money” account, so it doesn’t affect (or is that effect? I hate those words!) our joint financial state. It just means that I won’t be buying anything else for a good number of months. But that’s why we have our fun funds … we each get to do with them what we wish. And right now I wish for nice furniture. I can’t wait until it arrives. Except of course that I will wait. (I sort of laugh when people say, “I can’t wait,” because, in reality, one rarely has a choice!)

Okay … that’s enough of a ramble for now. What can I say? I’m chocolate deprived and dealing with horrible heat. You get the blog I write because that’s just the way it goes. So there.

This was a true PattyRamble™ … gee, it’s been a while! 😉

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Does Your Choice Of Music Effect Your Hairstyle?

Some Answers:

I listen to puck/rock and I dies red streaks in my hair. Not everyone thinks I’m punk, but it’s because music is my outlet from life, and I wanted to express myself.

i don’t think so

I suppose to some degree they may go hand hin hand. Most people with Liberty Spikes or Mohawk type haircuts aren’t primarily focused on country music, for example.

yes i listen to rock and have long hair

sort of, i listen to dance and italian songs and my hair is slick back.

I would think so. Emo kids have totally out of this world hair (that’s a good thing by the way so don’t worry!) While classical music listeners would probably keep their hair more conservative.

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What a difficult life the Oboe must have lived to sing such sad notes.

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I found three videos that go through a list of French composers. Looks like fun, although you won’t get full works, but maybe you’ll find some things you’ll want to search out later. I am not going to have time to watch these right now (which I admit can be dangerous!), but it seems appropriate to feature French composers today, so here you are:

Part One:

Part Two:

Part Three:

Perhaps after I finish with my 9:00 AM (! yes, really!) student I’ll be able to actually sit through all three. Time will tell.

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I don’t think there’s an ounce of French in my blood. But it’s Bastille Day so here you go:

I didn’t know the words to this before. I’d been told the US national anthem was the only one that was at all violent. Hmmm.