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… because these Terry Teachout tweets are too good to skip, but really need to be posted right after I read them. Because.

Paul and I are sitting in separate cars side by side in a Santa Fe parking lot, checking our e-mail…

…and he just e-mailed me a synthesized sound file of the revised orchestration for a new orchestral interlude for “The Letter.”

If that doesn’t sum up opera in the 21st century, I don’t know what does.

In case you aren’t up on opera news, Terry Teachout is the librettist for the opera “The Letter”, with music by Paul Moravec. I’m sorry to say I’m unfamiliar with Mr. Moravec’s music. I see selections at emusic, so I’ll probably be downloading some music while I still have a membership there. (They’ve lowered the number of downloads with my particular plan beginning with my renewal, so I’m guessing I’ll drop the membership. We’ll see.)

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