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I just read “Musician has world’s fastest fingers” and I wonder what it really means.

I could play really fast on oboe and still be rotten on the thing. It’s not all about speed. But he’ll be in the Guinness Book of World Records. Still, as I tell my students, oboe and French horn were in the Guinness Book I read once, saying we were the most difficult instruments, so there.

The violinist, David Garrett, is one of those who I guess is supposed to appeal to everyone; he plays classical, he plays metal, he plays … well, I guess he plays everything. Except not oboe.

CNN: If you could choose one word to describe yourself, what would it be?

Garrett: Diplomatic. Because I’m always try to get people together. You always have to be diplomatic with music, with classical, with whatever you do.

So he doesn’t use the word “fastest” to describe himself. Whew!

Here are a few videos of him playing. I’ll let you decide what you think after you watch and listen:

Go in to about 5:40 and you can hear him break the speed record:


& finally, I expect this is more of what he is about (?), from his PBS special:

And of course I’ll bet he can’t make an oboe reed. So there. Again.

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Lugging my sax around london. Used to hide my oboe case in a Benetton bag at school coz it was so not cool. But now it’s a pulling point.

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Cello Madness Congress: Alternative Punk Classical Music @ Make Out Room (Mission Dist.)

cellists from around the bay will converge to play improvised music as well as tunes arranged for cello. come listen to the most amazing versatile classical instrument most like the human voice played all funky. Monday July 20th at 8pm. Free

… and it’s so near our son Brandon’s house we could go together.

Hmm. Going to the “Make Out Room” with one’s son just doesn’t work for me. Never mind.

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Sad but true, I can’t remember what show this is for … or is it a movie? Seems like it’s a TV western theme song. Who’s gonna help me out here?

Update ‐ even before I’m posting this blog entry! ‐ Jameson said strongly, “The Magnificent Seven”. This explains why I didn’t find it when I checked out “Western TV themes” on YouTube. Whew!