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I make my students play scales. I’ve blogged about that before. Now there’s this piece below that uses a scale. Over. And over. And over. Proof! (Scale is only at the beginning, so if you are waiting for more later, give it up.)

And to think that I didn’t think oboe worked well in pop music.

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… so if you take five musicians who aren’t managing to stay together, put them on a piece of wood that is then set on two cans, will they finally be together?

Dan’s response? “Sure! Put musicians on a bench and give ’em two cans of beer ….”


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I just received an email from emusic.com:

“Dear 7F665098BA3814DF96A92B2459A14”

(I’ve removed a few digits in case this gets people into my stuff there for some odd reason.)

Very bizarre.

Dear emusic.com,
I call you emusic.com. I hope I’m not being presumptuous. You may call me oboe or pattyoboe or patty or even mom. I’m okay with that. But don’t call me 7F665098BA3814DF96A92B2459A14. Okay?

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Data played the OBOE? awwweesssommeee

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I just read a review of Wainwright’s opera, Prima Donna (reviews seem to run the gamut) that ends with this:

The tumultuous applause was increased by the appearance of the man himself during the curtain calls. Rufus looked undeniably dapper in his top hat (which proceeded to fall off during one of the bows), pink tail-coat and yellow bow tie accompanied by a silver-topped cane. And jeans – though this simply enhanced rather than spoiled the look – as did his bushy beard. Maybe I’m just blinded by my love for the guy.

Hmmm. I wonder if someone who is willing to write that in a review should really be reviewing? (And yes, the review gushes.)

I’m not all that surprised; the review came from MUSO.

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For your serious listening pleasure:

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Sometimes I wonder about why people say what they say. I recently had a chat (online) with someone I’ve met only via the internet. The person knows what groups I play in and was quick to talk about how people stay away from one of the groups because of certain issues. The person continued, basically (silly word, “basically”) saying “I sure wouldn’t work there”.

I dunno. It just seems odd to badmouth someone else’s gig unless you are close enough to know how the person will take it.

Maybe I’m just overly sensitive, though. Ya think?