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Yesterday I read that the Civic Auditorium was being remodeled to the tune of $13 million dollars and that they are hoping it’ll become a hot spot for a lot of music (the rock sort, I suspect).

Today I read this:

Team San Jose Inc., and Ballet San Jose on Thursday announced a new partnership to add about 5,000 square meet of meeting and event space at the Center for the Performing Arts.

A semi-permanent structure, called the Pavilion at the Center for the Performing Arts, will have a full-service bar, lights and seating.

The Pavilion, which was created from an idea of Ballet San Jose Artistic Director Dennis Nahat and Team San Jose CEO Dan Fenton, can be a gathering place before or after performances and will allow for up to 350 occupants.

The venue is scheduled for completion this fall.

“This will allow us to hold special events right next to the theater,” said Nahat. “We can hold our pre-show talks in an area that can comfortably seat over 100 guests, and provide our patrons a place to gather during intermissions and after the show to sit and chat, meet new friends and discuss the performance they have just been a part of. It extends the entire theater experience.”

Ballet San Jose’s season opens Oct. 3 and runs through May 9.

I’m just a bit surprised, but no one called and asked me about these things, so oh well.

I also read this:

The HP Pavilion in San Jose will resemble “a galaxy far, far away” come fall.

The home of the San Jose Sharks will host “Star Wars: In Concert” on Oct. 11. It’s the local stop on a worldwide tour, co-presented by San Francisco’s Lucasfilm and Berkeley concert promoter Another Planet Entertainment, that will feature a live orchestra performing John Williams’ famed “Star Wars” scores, paired with film clips shown on a three-story, high-definition LED screen, and other multimedia elements.

First I’ve heard about the Star Wars concert, too. I don’t know if they’ll use local musicians, but I know that the Il Divo concert tonight did, and I wasn’t hired, so I’m assuming whoever does the contracting for the arena doesn’t hire me. I’d have to turn it down in any case, as it conflicts with the Symphony Silicon Valley opening weekend, and we are doing Ravel’s Piano Concerto and Mother Goose Suite. I’d prefer not to miss those fabulous works. Even for C-3PO!

I confess, though, that I see this video below and think, “Awwwww … I wanna play this!” The music is just so much fun, you know?

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You can listen to the clip about flutist Tod Brody, or you can just read part of it.

Hey … he has an office! I want an office! Yeah, I have a studio, but how cool would it be to be in a different building that was an “office”. It might make it sound as if I had a real job, you know? And I’d love to say, “Meet me at my office,” or “I can’t chat right now; I have to get to the office.”

Listening to the segment I hear Michelle Caimotto as well — she plays in Symphony Silicon Valley, and also does a good amount of freelance work with the Big Guys up in San Francisco. The conductor interviewed, Mary Chung, conducted Opera San José some time in the past.

Most of us musicians can find links … less than six degrees of separation in most instances.

And yeah, we cobble together a career. But a lot of us manage to make it work.

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Dear Patricia,

A recent system glitch resulted in our sending a
newsletter to you containing a string of numbers
where your first name should have been. Oops –
we hate when that happens! We apologize for this
error and have corrected it, so rest assured, future
newsletters will once again contain that personal

I wonder if everyone received one of these today after the issue yesterday, or if I was the only one to become a long string of digits. I’m guessing the former, although I’d love it to be the latter. Because I like being special like that.

(& I still say they need my help with their music labeling. They sure get it wrong with what they sometimes deem classical!)

Lego Les Miserables 😉

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One man band:

(I checked some of his other stuff out and he does seem to be able to play these instruments. And sing. Okay. So I’m impressed. But can he make an oboe reed?!)

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… including “what to do if there’s not enough room for a bus to get down a street” …

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Playing my OBOE!!! The reed smells and tastes soooo bad.