Wondrous Love

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I’m going to go to Richard Strauss. We’re getting into long haired stuff now. I was in a really swank Mercedes Benz in Germany one night. Black, deep black and snow flakes the size of silver dollars coming down. And I’d been left in the car — I forget who I was with but they had gone into a building and I had been left in the car — and I turned on the radio and I heard this thing. And it thrilled my soul. This particular piece of music at that particular time, I saw in my minds eye, my four year old son coming down a flight of stairs and it made me start crying.

-David Lynch

Thanks to Opera Chic for the quote and link to the interview. (Note: Link no longer working.)

Here’s OC’s choice for best YouTube recording of Im Abendrot, the work on Lynch’s playlist:

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