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Music as a weapon:

SEATTLE – The idea of using annoying music to repel loiterers is catching on a some businesses and other locations in the Puget Sound area.

Classical music has cleared the parking lot at Saar’s Market in the Rainier Beach neighborhood of Seattle where crowds of up to 25 people would hang out, leading to drug-dealing and fights.

Pierce Transit spokesman Lars Erickson told The Seattle Times that vandalism declined at the Tacoma Mall Transit Center after the classical and country music started playing in 2007.

The McDonald’s restaurant at Third and Pine in downtown Seattle also found that country music moves loiterers. The Paramount Theatre in downtown Seattle occasionally plays “It’s a Small World After All.”

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(“It’s a Small World” would probably send me away too. As does any bit of Nutcracker!)

and …

In response to constant noise caused by loud music in neighboring Arab neighborhoods, Jewish communities retaliate by playing classical music.

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But moving on to music as special …

What is it that makes music so special.. ?

Why does it seem like in some way or the other music can relate to everything. I’m not talking just lyrics, I’m talking about all aspects. The vibration of the strings, the relative pitches, major and minor notes and chords, tempo.

To read the answers, go here. Some will make you laugh. At least I think so!

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  1. Music is special because it’s a unique art form. My own belief is that the creation or expression of art is a person’s (or persons’) attempt to express/convey emotion, whether it be via vision, touch, sound or taste/smell. Some people may try to relegate musical performers to a non-artistic place, but in truth, they’re the canvas, brush and pigment to a composer’s painting, only more so – each performer will interpret it just that much differently than the next person, but still be part of the whole. I know that sounds completely oxymoronish (apparently that’s not even a word, according to Firefox), but I’m sure many of the people reading this will understand.

    Er, hope that wasn’t too weird…just in case, here’s some gibberish…ab890w-/ ia8flwial. G88aid*.