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Today I have another Cosi rehearsal. I’m happy that we will finally have all the singers with us; I appreciate the orchestra rehearsals, because we do need to focus on what we have, but I adore it when the singers join us. There is nothing like the human voice!

I try to play the oboe as a singer sings. I was very flattered when a reviewer in London last year compared my playing of the Cimarosa Oboe Concerto to Montserrat CabaIIe, the Spanish soprano, and my Strauss Concerto with Elisabeth Schwarzkopf in her prime. I like to be compared with singers, not oboe players.

-Ray Still

I’m with Mr. Still on this! I like to try to sing through the oboe. I’m sure I don’t come close to what he did, but I try.

After the opera rehearsal I have a wedding rehearsal. A former UCSC student is getting married tomorrow (hi Kayte!) and I like to offer my oboe playing to students as a gift. I know how expensive weddings can be, and if I can help with this one little offering I’m happy to do so. I’m doing solo oboe, and I’ll be playing Celtic music. I found a site that had a ton of free sheet music, so that was pretty handy. And I wrote one piece, as a additional little gift. I’m looking forward to the event!

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