03. August 2009 · 4 comments · Categories: Videos

I hope you enjoyed the earlier McFerrin video. But wait! There’s more! Bobby McFerrin did both of these when he came to San Jose. Enjoy.

Here you see more audience involvement. I’m not sure anyone else can manage this sort of participation. Everyone knows Wizard of Oz so well, watch what naturally happens when you get to certain parts.

And now for principal cello participation:


  1. Um, you do realize that I will now bring a duet arrangement of Over the Rainbow to my next lesson, right? No? Too late.

  2. Just don’t expect me to do any acting, and I will not throw my reed water over me!

  3. Oh … speaking of lessons … I guess I should send you an email; can’t do this week due to Così. Sorry!

  4. You’d already given me a heads-up – no big deal. Anyhow, I’ve still got to transpose my horn-duet version of Over teh Raneboes (wups, sorry, slipped into LOL-speak there) for oboe. Hopefully I can find it here and won’t have to completely re-do it…