Since I’ve been back to work these past two weeks, I’ve also been working more on reeds. (Why oh why don’t I catch on and work on them when I don’t have a lot of work?! Sigh.) Because of this, I now have “reed mouth”. My lips are chapped. I have a little ridge on the inside of my lower lip that’s sore.

Normally I’m fine. If I’m doing a ton of playing the reed work doesn’t bother me so much. I always play when I’m teaching, and I try to play new reeds then to start breaking them in, but that amount of playing doesn’t really do much for me. And since I wasn’t being a good girl I was neglecting the oboe a bit (for fun things like painting a living room), and my mouth was a bit weak. Playing new reeds to see what they are doing means I’ll be dealing with soreness; usually the reeds are too hard and so it’s inevitable that the mouth suffers.

So now I’m sitting here with my one day off and I’m thinking, “If you know what’s good for you you’ll get to the reed work now!”

But my mouth hurts and I’m feeling like a baby and all I want to do is be lazy.

Hmmm. What will I do?

Only time will tell. (And I may not tell you at all. We’ll see.)

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  1. marionharrington

    Try putting a small piece of gauze over your lower teeth at the front. It works for me when I get a sore mouth. If you let the gauze dry out after use, it goes hard and molds into the shape of your teeth.