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Percy is an arranger and composer of imposing attainments, and Mitch [Miller] is one of the foremost oboists and English horn players in the world.

Each reed, counting the gouging process, takes me about four to five minutes to rough and scrape it. Then it will take me another five minutes to adjust it and get it the way I like it.

This is from * an article about a reed maker. Could that be a faulty quote? I just can’t imagine making a reed in 10 minutes! And I can’t imagine making a reed in one sitting either, but maybe that’s what professional reed makers do. Anyone?

*link no longer working

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What’s a song good to play at a wedding w/ guitar piano harmonica mandolin violin oboe or any combo that isn’t typical/boring???

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Listening to finer music and attending concerts on a consistent basis makes your real age about four years younger. Whether that’s due to stress relief or other properties, we see decreases in all-cause mortality, reflecting slower aging of arteries as well as cancer-related and environmental factors. Attending sports events like soccer or football offers none of these benefits.

-Dr. Michael F. Roizen (chief wellness officer of the Wellness Institute at the Cleveland Clinic)