Each reed, counting the gouging process, takes me about four to five minutes to rough and scrape it. Then it will take me another five minutes to adjust it and get it the way I like it.

This is from * an article about a reed maker. Could that be a faulty quote? I just can’t imagine making a reed in 10 minutes! And I can’t imagine making a reed in one sitting either, but maybe that’s what professional reed makers do. Anyone?

*link no longer working


  1. I’ve heard of people doing 10-minute reeds before, and I’ve tried it myself, with a modicum of success, but I’ve never heard anyone include gouging in their 10-minute count! That doesn’t seem right, since most people do gouging separately from tying and scraping, at least that’s what I thought. And when it comes down to it, I prefer to make my reeds more slowly.

  2. I’m guessing the person who wrote the article misunderstood. I’m hoping, too! A 10 minute reed, in my experience, doesn’t really last long. (But of course I’m a rotten reed maker, so take that into consideration when you hear my opinions about reed making!)

  3. Maybe she said “not” counting the gouging process. I make reeds fast too, but usually in 2 sittings.