10. August 2009 · 4 comments · Categories: Links

It’s no crazy notion to think classical music is mostly dead as a relevant art form.

I read it here.

I’m really weary of the word relevant. And I’m tired of hearing that classical music is dead. Now I’m reading that jazz may be dying too.

Okay, whatever.

And of course what I think is probably not terribly relevant in any case, as I’m nearly dead too, according to some people who think that over 50 is beyond alive.

Okay. I’ve not had a latté this morning. I’m grumpy. What a surprise, eh?

Truth be told, I suspect I’ll be long gone and classical music’ll still be played. And I’m a pessimist too! So there.


  1. Why should any art form (that doesn’t hurt anyone) die? I don’t get it. Even the things I don’t like have their place, don’t they?

  2. Sure, Tim. Things you don’t like have their place … unless I don’t like them too! Then they have no place at all. 😎

  3. Well, Rock and Roll has been dead since the late 1960’s, according to no less an authority on the subject than Jim Morrison of The Doors. And yet thousands of high-schoolers and college kids gather in garages and basements every year, not only learning the classics but ambitiously adding to the repetoire. I’m sure similar arguments could be made for the death of hip-hop and country western music (at least in their “pure” forms). So, no genre of music is safe from the looming specre of death, nor can any genre truly succumb to that death as long as living musicians continue to play it.

    As for relevance: as long as people continue to attend performances, the music is relevant.

  4. So isn’t Jim Morrison dead? And does Rock & Roll still get played?

    Gee. Wonder how that happened? 😉