Okay, I’ve slept the night now so I can be less emotional about bad reviews. So now I’ll post the links and you can read what I read. In addition, there is one more favorable review up now, so that does help a bit.

  • Opera Tattler didn’t like it much at all
  • SF Mike disliked it so much he left after 30 minutes
  • Axel Feldham (or whoever he really is!) had good things to say (and even mentioned yours truly, which was very nice of him)

    Do I have things to write about the opera that are not quite the positive thing I would like to write? Yeah. Will I? No. I just can’t go there. A reviewer could possibly get more work by trashing performances. I’d just lose work. go figure.


    1. Dear Patty: If it’s any compensation, I quite loved the orchestra for the thirty minutes of “Cosi” that I saw, just couldn’t stand the staging which didn’t seem to be doing the young singers any favors. And I didn’t really review it because it was a dress rehearsal, for one thing, and I didn’t have a single interesting thing to say.

    2. Aw, thanks! I LOVE playing Cosi. It’s just wondrous music! But yes, while I can’t be specific and all, I fully understand and agree with you. (It was better to listen than watch, for the most part.)

      Ooh. I’d better shut my fingers up here.

      But thank you for your kind words. I’m such a bushel full of insecurities it’s pathetic!