Joshua Kosman gives us his take, as does Jason Victor Serinus. You will read some differing views on some things, while they agree on others. (Guess that’s sort of typical, right?) Mr. Kosman was at Friday night’s performance, while Mr. Serinus when to Sunday’s. On the whole I liked Sunday’s better, but that’s probably because I base everything on my own performance. I’m just that self-centered!

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Soprano Anna Netrebko has withdrawn from Metropolitan Opera’s new production of Giuseppe Verdi’s La Traviata.

The popular Russian soprano told a German newspaper that she won’t be appearing in the production because she wants a new challenge and doesn’t want to compete with her previous performance.

I read it here.

I feel that way about certain works I’ve played. I mean … if I played really well the last time, I hate to compete with that!

Oh yeah … but I’m not quite at Netrebko’s level, am I?

But still … ??

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I put this video up at Twitter and Facebook yesterday and not one person commented. Maybe it’s not as fun as I thought. I thought the filming was quite clever!

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Please read this blog entry to get the full story behind the music.

(I’m not sure if the singer is singing with a recording or if something is awry with the YouTube video; I hear two voices.)

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To be alone on the stage after 60 years? C’mon. I need some friends with me.

-Pinchus Zukerman

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Composers need to understand why writing an oboe solo over strings is WAY different from writing over saxophones. IMO 🙂

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Do you know what oboe is ? that’s what Kenny G plays on..! it looks like flute and the sounds just like trump. Great musical instrument b’coz of its beautiful sounds.

My Gosh !!..let’s see all about oboe !

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear, oh dear ….

(Thanks, David!)