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Janos Gereben didn’t write for a paper, as far as I know, but the opera list provides his thoughts. Just a snippet:

Surely, a “concept-opera” that abandons the concept in the intermission burned up its meager ideas too soon… or came to its senses. Still, consistency is valued by most people.

Just short of the primitive, juvenile carnality of another Mozart-Merola misfit, the 2002 “La finta giardiniera,” this “Cosi” is of the same mold: not trusting either the composer or the audience to make it on their own, without the constant interruption and diversion by the director.

Wouldn’t hiring a couple of audience members to keep coughing through the work be cheaper and more expeditious?


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Someone has posted the reed 2 book (which is oboe & English horn) to the musical Wicked’s “Defying Gravity”.

Imagine playing a run of this and playing that oboe part over and over, day in, day out.

(And that is why you want to hear a good blend of the band and not single out one exciting part like the oboe, yes?)

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… you can go to the movie theater for one.

Well, okay, not like the high school prom. We’re talking the Proms in London.

The Last Night of the Proms, one of the most famous classical music events in the world, is to be broadcast live via satellite from London’s Royal Albert Hall to cinemas across the world next month.

BBC Worldwide Music, part of the commercial arm of the U.K. broadcaster, has confirmed the deal with partners New York-based By Experience and SuperVision Media, based in New York and London. It is the first time the event has been beamed to cinemas.


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Thats right!? to be an oboe player you have to be a musician and a carpenter.

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What a lame ad! (But of course here I am giving them the attention they want. Go figure.)

Choosing products for your kitchen or bath is like composing a symphony. That’s why Ferguson showrooms have showroom professionals who can help orchestrate your dream.

A woman then proceeds to conduct — not compose or orchestrate — various things like toilets and faucets.

Funny, when I found the YouTube video, it says “conducting a symphony” in the info box. Hah! Did someone read the thing wrong or did they deliberately change the word?

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The trombone is a double reed instrument. It is possible to play with the upper lip only, more difficult to play with the bottom lip only, but with both lips we have the extraordinarily diverse sounds possibilities we are accustomed to having.

Not sure what the consequences of this discovery are, if any. . . maybe talking with some double reed players will help. At least I have a new sound! Single-lip playing will go into my bag of useless tricks, along with lipping up, the DJ-on-a-record sound, and the helicopter sound.

Okay, this single lip trombone player deserves a link. I mean … how can one even do that?

And I’m posting this today, in honor of my hubby’s birthday.