13. August 2009 · Comments Off on But What Did He Really Think? · Categories: Merola, Reviews

Janos Gereben didn’t write for a paper, as far as I know, but the opera list provides his thoughts. Just a snippet:

Surely, a “concept-opera” that abandons the concept in the intermission burned up its meager ideas too soon… or came to its senses. Still, consistency is valued by most people.

Just short of the primitive, juvenile carnality of another Mozart-Merola misfit, the 2002 “La finta giardiniera,” this “Cosi” is of the same mold: not trusting either the composer or the audience to make it on their own, without the constant interruption and diversion by the director.

Wouldn’t hiring a couple of audience members to keep coughing through the work be cheaper and more expeditious?


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