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I just read that Hildegard Beherns died.

Here are a few videos:

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A violin valued at up to $600,000 was left in a cab early Monday, the Taxi and Limousine Commission said. The instrument and its owner, the Korean violinist Hahn-Bin, were reunited later that day after the violin was found via GPS.

The funny thing about the article to me is reading the comments.

One reader is amazed anyone can forget such a thing. Another implies that musicians, like bankers, should be more responsible. Another — a musician this time — lets us know he has never left his valuable 1772 Eberle viola d’amore behind. (Oh, so la-di-da to you, Mister Viola D’amore.) One writer says, “Ahh. Now I understand why my friend, a child of musicians, is so spacey!” And one suggest that we, like pop stars, should hire an assistant to deal with our stuff. A few suggest, “So this is news?!”

… okay, I’ll stop now!

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…. how ’bout some Elliott Carter? And English horn? And a work I don’t know at all (shame on me?):

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Awoken by oboe practicing upstairs.