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Here are a couple of videos of a woodwind quartet. Just because I found them today.

One comment: you can see the musicians carrying their music out. I always hate this part of a recital, when you don’t have stage folks who are doing that sort of thing for you (and even if you do, do you trust they’ll put the music in the right place?). It just looks awkward to me.

Is anyone else familiar with this work? I’m sure not.

… but when the singers drop in it’s not such a great thing. Fortunately the singer was okay, and no one else was injured. (I’ve been in three productions where a cast member came into the pit; a chorus member, a musical theatre actor, and a ballet dancer during the Nutcracker Russian number (the guy just tumbled his way in and that was the scariest one).

An opera singer was rushed to hospital after tumbling into an orchestra pit during a performance at a British festival.

Puerto Rican Ana Maria Martinez sustained minor injuries in the accident while playing the title role in Rusalka at the world-renowned venue near Lewes, East Sussex.

A Glyndebourne Festival spokeswoman said she was taken to hospital as a precautionary measure but discharged after being checked over by an orthopaedic surgeon.


(Thanks, Jillian, for bringing this to my attention!)

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… and the San Jose MetBlogs site has the info up. (Does anyone check out the MetBlogs?)

Before I go to the last rehearsal for the two concerts I’ll play, I have three students to teach. This makes for an extremely tiring day. (Or else I’m just wimpy!) One of these years I’m going to stop teaching on Saturdays. Maybe. Or … okay … probably not. But I’ll continue to say that I might. Somehow just thinking I’ll have free Saturdays is a comfort, even if it never happens!