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I had a San Jose Chamber Orchestra rehearsal from 11:00 to 1:30. I have a student at 2:45, and if things go as planned I’ll be teaching three students in a row. (One is new so I’m waiting to hear back to verify the student’s attendance, but it seems fairly certain since they wrote today to ask if they could start up now rather than our originally planned next week time.)

I’m having a latté. Once students arrive I am rarely a zombie, but there are times when a student will be so incredibly tired and yawn so much it gets a bit contagious. So just on the off chance that one arrives in that condition, this latté is to be my insurance.

I have noticed a bit more weariness on the part of students, along with lack of practice. This isn’t unusual this time of year; they are back to school, which means earlier rising, tons of homework, and rearranging their schedules.

I, on the other hand, am a bit more energized when I’m back to work. Somehow being busy helps me. Being bored makes me tired. And boring. 🙂

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Celeste Johnson can do it for you:

But … really now … get to work!

(I looked up the Oklahoma First Round Etudes and I found this: Oklahoma All-State Oboe Etudes: Theodore Nieman Method for the Oboe, Nieman-Carl Fischer p. 74 Etude Adagio Elegiaco and p. 82 Etude Allegro.)

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Watching an oboe trio last night at Joe’s Pub, I wondered what an alien with no respiratory system would think. “How are they DOING that?”