I’m looking for an used english horn or a cor anglais. It doesn’t have to be in top shape, even broken is fine.

Hmmm. Maybe someone is planning on making an English horn lamp?

Really. Sometimes people purchase old awful instruments and use the instrument for a lamp stand. Actually maybe I should have one of those. Hmmm.

(& I’m not sure what the person said english horn or cor anglais. They are one and the same. Just like oboe and hautbois are one and the same. Yes?)


  1. One of my favorite web-comic authors – Aaron Williams (he does PS 238, Nodwick and Full Frontal Nerdity – please note, that’s NERDity) – makes art pieces out of otherwise non-playable instruments. I believe he does it to benefit the local music scene, or the local art scene, or something like that. You’d have to scroll through his archives to find the entries, but it’s pretty cool stuff. His website is http://nodwick.humor.gamespy.com/index.htm (there are links to his comics – they’re on the nerdy side, but I like that).

  2. Ok, I found one example: http://nodwick.humor.gamespy.com/symphony2004/symphony%20art%20project.htm

    And it is an annual effort on his part to benefit the Kansas City Symphony (this example is from 2004 – a bench made from a piano).