It has been scientifically proven that double reed players are smarter, faster, cooler and prettier than any other reed or brass instrument.
Thank you.

The fact that a double reed player wrote it does not at all make this less true.

Just sayin’.

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The Honolulu Symphony on Thursday announced it is moving ahead with its 2009-2010 concert season after finding funding to keep the music playing.

It is undergoing sweeping organizational and financial changes that hopefully will keep the organization in the black.

One of the first things that happened with the changes was cutting checks for musicians who went nearly an entire season without getting paid.

“We just want to get back to playing and not have to worry anymore about getting paychecks,” said Stephen Dinion, of the Honolulu Symphony Orchestra Committee.

The Honolulu Symphony Foundation has advanced the symphony $1.8 million to get it out of debt. It is a fresh start for the symphony, which is about to launch its new concert season.


I just hope they can pull everything together and survive.

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This will be the last time I go back to the house to get kenazooloo’s oboe! She will learn to be responsible if it kills us both!!