Click here. … and I’m not even ashamed to share it.


I’m performing with what was called Santa Cruz Chamber Orchestra at the time, with Maya Barsacq on the podium. The group has since been renamed to Cadenza. I would love to perform with them again!


  1. Interesting piece, and beautiful playing! Lots of different textures and interesting stuff in there! Brava!

  2. Thanks, Cooper! 🙂

  3. what a treat 🙂 that is quite a full oboe part (at least it sounds like something that would take a lot of preparation to play well with all of the intervals and what not… those are hard!)

  4. Thanks, Joe!

    It DOES have some intervals that require mostly … are you ready for it … really? … totally ready? … a cooperative reed! 🙂

    So much depends on a good reed, you know? 🙂