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Don’t miss the premiere performance of the
Divisa Ensemble

Tomiko Hamai, flute
Adrienne Malley, oboe
Leah Carl, violin
Stephanie Ng, viola
Sara Spieth, cello

Sunday, September 20, 2009
4:00 P.M.
Unitarian Universalist Church of Palo Alto, 505 East Charleston Road

Works by W.F. Bach, Beethoven, Bliss, Britten and Mozart
Free admission and parking. Reception to follow.
See you there!

W.F. Bach: Duet for Flute and Oboe No. 4
Beethoven: String Trio in E-flat, Op. 3
Mozart: Flute Quartet in C Major K.285b
Britten: Phantasy Quartet, Op. 2
Bliss: Conversations

(Adrienne is a very fine oboist and I’d be attending this if I didn’t have Manon then.)

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I’m selling two tickets to the show “Manon” at the california theatre in san jose. Fyi this is an opera show.

They’re for opening night, in case anyone is interested. I just giggled a bit at “opera show”. 😉

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Cacophony. Oboe upstairs, piano down.

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There is nothing like a symphony orchestra to reveal deficiencies in a player’s frequency response.

Okay … did you just read that like I did at first? The blogger is talking about an iPod … not a musician! 😎

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I have been having an email interview with Daniel Wolf, over at Renewable Music, about composing for oboe. You can read what I think … and then you can come back here and argue with me as long as you’re registered. (And if you have ever played piccolo oboe do tell!)

Note: I do require a real name for registration. Recently an anonymous blogger tried to register, but when I wrote to ask for his/her name I received no response. Ah well. I think the person wanted to comment on something I said regarding his/her blog, but I guess he/she wasn’t about to come clean and hand me a name.

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You get the idea … I just want to put everyone to work here. To save me time. That’s how lazy I can be. (And on Labor Day, too! Seems like I should be laboring on labor day. Hmmm.)

Or maybe it’s really just that I want you all to drop me a line …?!

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