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While the Philharmonic’s statements sound pretty definitive, a CSO spokeswoman said that Dufour remains under contract with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra and is only taking a leave of absence for the 2009-2010 season. The French flutist will continue to be a part-time presence with the CSO this coming season, playing in programs led by Riccardo Muti, Bernard Haitink and Pierre Boulez.

This is talking about the principal flutist of CSO, Mathieu Dufour. He is going to play principal flute in the LA Phil this year. (I’m assuming he won an audition there.)

When one is in a group already, but wins an audition for something else, it’s always best to take a leave if contractually possible. Tenure has to be won in the new group, and it’s also possible that the musician may realize the move wasn’t desirable after all.

I read about it here.

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It’s right here.

Mr. Harrell performed with San Jose Symphony (RIP) so long ago I can’t tell you when it was. Hmmm. I was there from 1975 until it crashed and burned in 2001 (?) so I do know it was between those years. I remember loving his playing, though.

So check out Mr. Harrell’s new blog. Cellists are people too. 😉

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You can read them here.

No mention of the orchestra, though. Boo hoo.

After last night I’m a bit wiped out, so before tonight’s opening I think I’ll take a bit of a nap. Best to be well rested!

It’s best to rest
before the test
of opening night!

Now this slouch
is on the couch—
let dreams take flight!

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Dan and I were at San Francisco Opera’s opening night. And yet no pictures of us appear on SF Gate. What a puzzlement!

It was fun watching all those fancy dresses appear. At the same time, I’m thinking about all the money these women had to spend and thinking about my little dress and I’m happy to be me and not have to do the whole social thing of walking in (they came from across the street at city hall), getting a picture taken, pretending I’m royalty or what not. I don’t think I’d do “rich and famous” very well. I just don’t have it in me!

The opera was wonderful. I do have a few nits to pick, but nothing I’d mention here. Sondra Radvanovsky was absolutely wonderful. She could fill the room with that rich voice and just melt all else away. It did seem to be the “women’s night” … Stephanie Blythe was great too, and I thought Reneé Tatum was as well.

Not to “diss” the guys but … well … I really thought the women won the battle of the stars.

And of course the fabulous orchestra was fabulous. Go figure.

Now I move on to teach three students and to
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