13. September 2009 · Comments Off on & How Do I Think Manon Went? … · Categories: Opera, Ramble

… you might wonder, since I’ve not really written much about the opera, the rehearsals and all. I’m not sure why; guess I’ve just not been in the mood to write about it.

But I think they opera has gone very well. From what little I can hear I think the singers sound good. The orchestra is playing well. I have a good number of solos and I will admit that I’m not embarrassed by my playing. (Heaven forbid I say any more than that!) Today the reed I used for Acts I, 2 and 3 died at the beginning of Act 4, but I was actually ready for that and had reeds wet and ready. Whew! (During rehearsals I changed reeds several times a night, so I’d know what to expect from each.)

With our two intermissions the opera is 3 hours long. I can tell you I’m exhausted at the end. But, so far, I’m also content. It’s a good feeling to be content with my playing.

Not that that can’t change! 🙂

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